Evaluation of changes in traction properties of a drive wheel on the sod utilized by various means

Jarosław Czarnecki, Włodzimierz Białczyk, Marek Brennensthul, Anna Cudzik


The paper presents research results, the objective of which was to assess the traction properties of a wheel equipped with a drive tyre on sod with a varied species composition of plants and various usage level. Based on the measurements carried out with the use of a unique stand for traction research, the slip, traction force and efficiency were determined. It was proved that the species composition of sod and usage level resulted in varied values of the analysed parameters. Higher values of the traction force were obtained on sod I at the usage level of 50 and 100%. Maximum values of the traction efficiency on both sods, regardless the usage level, occurred at the wheel slip lower than 20%. In order to describe the condition of facilities, where traction research was carried out, moisture, compaction and maximum shearing stresses were measured.


drive tyre; traction force; traction efficiency; slip

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