Distribution of biomass from energy willow roots

Tadeusz Juliszewski, Dariusz Kwaśniewski, Marcin Pietrzykowski, Paweł Tylek, Józef Walczyk, Bartłomiej Woś, Justyna Likus


The objective of the paper was to determine the distribution of energy willow roots biomass, which is significant for developing a structure of a machine for reclamation of fields after their cultivation. The scope of work covered the research studies carried out on 30 rootstocks of energy willow, which come from a plantation set up in 2003 in the Department of Production Engineering and Power Energy of the University of Agriculture in Krakow. A vertical scope of thick roots with a diameter above 30 mm was at the average 42.3 cm and the horizontal one was – 51.6 cm. Total fresh mass of rootstock (roots + butt log) was 18.61 kg at the average, and the mass of thick roots was – 7.75 kg.


energy willow; rootstock; willow root

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