Analysis of changes in the area and number of farms in Wielkopolskie and Malopolskie voivodeship

Agnieszka Peszek, Katarzyna Grotkiewicz, Wioletta Kmita


The objective of the paper is to analyse the changes of the agricultural land area and the number of farms in Małopolska and Wielkopolska region as two separate agricultural regions. The research period starts with the Poland's accession to EU and ends in 2013. The land use structure, number and size of agricultural farms were taken into consideration. Additionally, the paper includes analysis of changes in the agricultural land prices. It was stated that agriculture in Małopolska undergoes positive transformations, is still developing and various EU subsidies are one of its development factors. Positive changes were observed mainly in the decrease of the number of individual farms and the increase of the average area of farms. Within the analysed ten years, the agricultural land area decreased by over 186 thousand ha, that is by 25%. Agriculture in Wielkopolska region gained a lot due to the EU accession. However, in this region the changes had different nature. The land utilization remained at the same level as in 2004 and positive changes were observed mainly in the decrease of the number of small farms for the benefit of the biggest ones. The paper constitutes the first part of the developed cycle of publications concerning transformations of the technical agricultural infrastructure of Poland after its accession to the EU.


agricultural farm; production resources; land; agriculture; EU

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