Agricultural information as an example of intangible resources in the selected group of agricultural producers

Anna Szeląg-Sikora, Jakub Sikora, Zbigniew Kowalczyk


The paper makes an attempt to characterize intangible resources and determine effectiveness of their management in farms grouped in the producers' group. The paper covered 15 plant farms associated in the agricultural producers' group. The research was carried out in the form of a guided survey. Source data from the production year 2013/2014 were analysed. Agricultural information, which as a resource, influences the value of the enterprise and determines the possibility of obtaining competitive advantage, is an example of intangible resources. Agricultural information is a source of knowledge on inter alia market situation, production sources or technical progress. It is also a source of knowledge for a farmer. The investigated farmers expanded their knowledge and skills taking part in various types of trainings, both those carried out by a group and other entities. As much as 80% of the respondents participated in the training on "Crop protection compliant with the integrated production principles". The second was the training on the use of crop protection substances with the use of a sprayer with 33% of respondents taking part therein. The fact that more than half of the surveyed farmers participated in more than one training and one took part in three different trainings should be emphasised. All trainings aimed mainly at raising the farmers' knowledge to realize the most important tasks of the group - production of high quality products with the proper use of intangible resources.


agricultural producers' group; intangible resources; knowledge; agricultural information

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