The application of the SWOT and AHP methods for the assessment of region`s strategic position in the aspect of wind energy

Aldona K. Wota, Andrzej Woźniak


The paper suggests a method for diagnosis of a region's strategic position with the use of two decision tools: SWOT analysis (strong, weak points, opportunities and threats) and a multiple criteria method AHP. The integration of the methods constitutes a complex approach, which may be useful at the assessment and forecast of the development strategies of regions for particular types of renewable energy sources. The AHP method enabled structuring of the decisive problem and quantification of the significance of SWOT factors, both quantity and quality ones, being at the same time a very comfortable mathematical apparatus. The paper presents a theoretical aspect of methodology, and in the practical perspective, an approach to establishing a strategic position of Małopolskie Voivodeship in the aspect of using wind energy was suggested. There is a development trend in the voivodeship based on the defensive strategy, namely on the unfavourable arrangement of factors - more weak points than the strong ones and more threats than opportunities.


SWOT; AHP; strategic position; wind energy

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