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Vol 19, No 3(155) (2015) A functional and task fault-oriented diagnostic system for wheeled tractors Abstract   PDF
Ryszard Michalski, Jarosław Gonera, Michał Janulin
Vol 19, No 1(153) (2015) A modern method of obtaining organic seeds of onion and radish Abstract   PDF
Marek Domoradzki, Jacek Szymura, Jan Lamkiewicz, Joanna Kaniewska
Vol 19, No 1(153) (2015) A new structure of the stabilization system of a suspended sprayer boom Abstract   PDF
Szczepan Michał Sobotka, Adam Józef Lipiński
Vol 19, No 3(155) (2015) A new technology of pressing and packing moist fodder grains Abstract   PDF
Vasilij Sysuev, Petr Savinyh, Vladimir Kazakov, Ûrij Syčugov, Nikolaj Turubanov, Aleksej Isupov, Andrzej Marczuk, Wojciech Misztal
Vol 19, No 1(153) (2015) A preliminary assessment of using the operating head with oval nozzles for impingement fluidization of vegetables Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Góral, Franciszek Kluza, Katarzyna Kozłowicz, Marek Domin
Vol 19, No 1(153) (2015) A simplified determination of the shape of a sugar beet tap-root Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Błaszkiewicz, Przemysław Sztukowski
Vol 20, No 2(158) (2016) Adsorption-Desorption Processes in Adsorption Chillers Abstract   HTML
Monika Gwadera
Vol 19, No 4(156) (2015) Agricultural information as an example of intangible resources in the selected group of agricultural producers Abstract   PDF
Anna Szeląg-Sikora, Jakub Sikora, Zbigniew Kowalczyk
Vol 20, No 3(159) (2016) Analysis of Assumptions of the Environment Management System Implementation for the Selected Undertaking in Waste Management Abstract   HTML
Grzegorz Przydatek, Rafał Krok
Vol 19, No 4(156) (2015) Analysis of changes in the area and number of farms in Wielkopolskie and Malopolskie voivodeship Abstract   PDF
Agnieszka Peszek, Katarzyna Grotkiewicz, Wioletta Kmita
Vol 19, No 2(154) (2015) Analysis of electrical energy consumption in technological lines in Ciechanow Dairy Cooperative Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Kapela, Marek Gugała, Anna Sikorska, Andrzej Borusiewicz
Vol 20, No 4(160) (2016) Analysis of Impact Of Biomass Added to RDF Oversize Fraction on Properties of Briquettes Abstract   HTML
Jarosław Frączek, Karolina Słomka-Polonis, Krzysztof Mudryk, Marek Wróbel, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Vol 20, No 4(160) (2016) Analysis of Mechanical Dewatering of Digestate Abstract   HTML
Krzysztof Mudryk, Jarosław Frączek, Marcin Jewiarz, Marek Wróbel, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Vol 20, No 4(160) (2016) Analysis of Parameters which Affect Regularity of Air Flow in Perforated Pipe Abstract   HTML
Sławomir Kurpaska, Hubert Latała, Dariusz Baran
Vol 20, No 3(159) (2016) Analysis of Performance of Timber Harvesting With the Use of Highlander Harvester Abstract   HTML
Mariusz Kormanek, Mariusz Kępa
Vol 20, No 4(160) (2016) Analysis of Principles of Selection of Secondary Waste Segregation Installation Elements on The Area of Selected Municipality Abstract   HTML
Grzegorz Przydatek, Sławomir Smaga
Vol 19, No 1(153) (2015) Analysis of seasonality of demand for maintenance services of agricultural tractors Abstract   PDF
Żaneta Staszak, Tatiana Buchwald
Vol 20, No 3(159) (2016) Analysis of Technical Assumptions of Selection of Elements of a Landfill Site on the Municipal Area Abstract   HTML
Grzegorz Przydatek, Aleksander Pietrzak
Vol 21, No 1(161) (2017) Analysis of Technical Equipment in Dairy Farms Abstract   HTML
Andrzej Borusiewicz
Vol 20, No 2(158) (2016) Analysis of the Mathematical Model of the Spray Dose Applied by the Field Sprayer Nozzles Abstract   HTML
Karol Garbiak, Jan Jurga
Vol 19, No 4(156) (2015) Analysis of the power flux in the tractor wheel-farming ground system Abstract   PDF
Marek Brennensthul, Włodzimierz Białczyk, Anna Cudzik, Jarosław Czarnecki
Vol 20, No 1(157) (2016) Analysis of Traction Properties of Massey Ferguson 7475 Tractor on Selected Deformable Surfaces Abstract   HTML
Krzysztof Pieczarka, Mateusz Kierdal, Krzysztof Lejman, Zygmunt Owsiak
Vol 20, No 4(160) (2016) Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Modelling The Contact Area of Grain Seeds Abstract   HTML
Jarosław Frączek, Sławomir Francik, Zbigniew Ślipek, Adrian Knapczyk
Vol 21, No 2(162) (2017) Application of Bayesian Networks for Forecasting Future Model of Farm Abstract   HTML
Katarzyna Grotkiewicz
Vol 20, No 3(159) (2016) Application of Hyperspectral Imaging for Cultivar Discrimination of Malting Barley Grains Abstract   HTML
Ewa Ropelewska, Piotr Zapotoczny
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