No 1 (2014)

Bioenergy and Other Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems


Bayhan A.K., Aksu I.: A new tool for sustainable agriculture and agricultural problems faced today

Bessert B. H., Scanes C. G.: Algae to Zea Mays: The Current Status of Biofuels Development in the United States

Cupiał M.: The concept of the analysis system of renewable energy potential in agricultural production

Fitowski M., Molenda K., Peszek A., Sporysz M.: Small scale CSP layout optimization for solar radiation in Poland

Frączek J., Mudryk K., Wróbel M.: The influence of the degree of fragmentation chosen biomass of woody plants on the quality parameters of briquette

Géczi G., Bense L., Korzenszky P.: Examination of energetic indexes of air to water heat pump

Jakóbiec J., Cieślikowski B., Mazanek A.: Energy assessment of diesel fuel and B10 biofuels in shaping of the traction indicators of vehicles equipped with diesel engines

Knaga J., Nęcka K., Szul T.: Analysis of solar radiation for the purpose of implementation of photovoltaic systems in municipal facilities

Krakowiak-Bal A., Sadowska U., Wolff Z.: Operational safety of biomass co-firing installations

Kurpaska S., Latała H., Sporysz M.: Analysis of thermal efficiency of vertical ground exchangers cooperating with a compressor heat pump

Lisowski A., Świętochowski A.: Mechanical durability of pellets and briquettes made from a miscanthus mixture without and with the separation of long particles

Nęcka K., Knaga J., Szul T.: Electric power demand in a municipal facility

Pidgurskyi M., Wnuk M.P., Scanes C.G.: Biofuels: An Ukrainian Perspective within a European and Global Context

Pieńkowski L., Lotz T.: Small nuclear reactors for distributed cogeneration systems

Rogowska D., Jakóbiec J., Mazanek A.: Identification of ghg emission sources in the life cycle of motor fuels

Scanes C. G., Wnuk M., Pidgurskyi M.: Bioenergy: A Global Perspective on the Opportunities and Threats of Alternative Energy Sources

Stokłosa A., Pu

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